Dear So and So …. #football

Here is a set of letters regarding football

Dear Mrs. Kristina Frary (deputy head of school that banned football in the playground)

I take my hat off to you. You have taken a brave step and I completely understand your frustration at the disturbance that is caused to lessons when the boys return to class with all the disputes from the football pitch still raging .

I do have a word of warning though. The children will need to do something at play time so do be ready for ‘British Bulldog’ to break out at anytime!


Retired Head Teacher who banned football once!


Dear Children of Hall Road Primary School,

I am sure that some of you are very disappointed that you have been banned from playing football at break times. I hope you realize that the decision was taken to stop all the arguments that continue into class after the game.

I know you see Premiership players fighting and arguing but they do not have to go back into lessons after their matches.

I am sure the ban will be lifted once the Euros are over. Until then, bring a book to read!

Kind regards

A retired Head Teacher who is married to football fan


Dear Parents of Children at Hall Road Primary School,

I understand that some of you have complained about the ban that has been put on children playing football at break times.

Unfortunately, the group of parents who complained about their children getting hurt, about clothes being ripped and about lessons being delayed because the teacher is sorting out football disputes, is larger than your group so we have tried to support them.

I do hope you will be patient with us while this situation is resolved fully by changing the times of the school day so that it does not include break times for the children.


Frustrated staff of Hall Road Primary.


Dear 5th Official of the England v Ukraine (the one who stands on the goal line)

You should have gone to Spec Savers!

That ball was over the line!


Oleg Blokhin (Manger of Ukraine football team)


Dear Roy Hodgson (manager of England football team)

Well done for getting the team to the quarter finals of the European Championships.

Could I put in a plea that you stick to your guns on the team selections and chose players because they are the right ones to be playing rather than being pressured by the hype of the media?

Could you also remind the players that there are thousands of children watching their ‘off the field’ as well as ‘on the field’ behaviour? In some schools learning is being delayed because of arguments and fights over playtime games.

Although there are many who would disagree, it is ONLY a game!


Retired head teacher who is married to a football fan and has seen the damage that can be done!

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