Dear So and So #2

This post is another series of letters that it is best I don’t send. The meme was the idea of  Kat @3bedroom bungalow They concern our visit to Gillingham yesterday. Thankfully, the Gills didn’t lose otherwise they might have been stronger!


Dear Mother of child with loud voice,

Swinging your child around in fast circles maybe something he likes to do. It may bring enjoyment to you but it is not an appropriate activity for a busy cramped service station eating area. It is probably not good for either of you from the way you were both staggering about after.


Fellow occupier of small space


Dear Manager of Costa Coffee,

We really enjoy stopping off at this service station & partaking of your lovely coffee & too delicious Tiffin. However, could I suggest that training someone who clearly has a lot to learn about being awake let alone working on a busy Saturday is perhaps not the best decision of your managerial career!


Peeved-off in the queue


Dear Person-in-Charge of Motorway Information Signs,

It is an excellent practice to give motorist advanced notice of upcoming problems on the motorways particularly if they are closed. However, when the incident has been dealt with & you go for your break, could you please turn the signs off before you go. That way we would not need to detour taking an additional hour on our journey only to find the motorway had been re-opened!


Driver-buying additional petrol


Dearest OH,

Although I warned you that you would make your finger sore by poking it with a needle to release the puss that had accumulated after getting your hands dirty, I am sorry you are in pain. It was very good of the pharmacist to suggest you soak your finger in a solution of TCP. However, next time we have to drive across to the other side of the country, can you make sure you dilate the mixture. That way the fumes will not be so overpowering to give me a migraine or make our clothes smell to the point people cross the road.

Your loving  codeine taking wife


Dear Owners of the Moto Service Station on M4,

Please explain your definition of 24 hour service when you closed everything apart from Burger King at 10.15pm! Should we have had an accident due to tiredness we would of course have contacted your solicitor!


Too angry for a signature

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