Big Girls Don’t Cry!

It’s the  autumn here in the UK. You folks from ‘the other side’ call it Fall. Whatever it is called – it brings an amazing change in our countryside with vibrant colours as the trees get ready for the cold, bitter weather of the winter.

Our wonderful Tara has decided to celebrate this time by giving us the theme of  ‘Seasons’ for this weeks Gallery. She, like many of us loves this time of year. Well, I wanted to show you a collection of pictures that went through the year. You know the sort – the same tree / scene in the winter covered with snow, in the Spring just showing those green shoots, full blossom in the summer and then those gorgeous hues of autumn. Sadly, I haven’t got such a collection!

So, stamping & grumpy I have done my own thing – forgive me please!! Drum roll…………


(no not Vivaldi)

This is Frankie Valli & theFour Seasons even though there are only four in total. Valli is the one with that incredibly high falsetto voice. Their music has a feel good quality so in an attempt to quell Tara’s anger, I leave you with this – click, listen & sing along!    Big Girls Don’t Cry!



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