Attic Antics!

My dearest OH suffers with OCD. He hasn’t been diagnosed or anything like that. We just know he has it. For example, his first task of the day is to do the washing up from the night before. It is much like a military operation & woe betide anyone who gets in the way or disturbs the order the crocks are washed in. When he has finished he will take the remaining plates etc out of the cupboard & place the newly cleaned ones at the bottom of the pile. His explanation is that if you only use two plates all the time they will wear out! Logic I suppose but…!

We have a small TV in the bedroom & it fascinates me how he knows I have moved it even a millimetre when I’ve dusted flicked a duster at it. Anyway, the reason for telling you of this affliction is to help you celebrate the completion of his latest project – the loft! This came about when we were discussing home insurance – one of many things we reviewed when I retired. I was concerned that I had no idea where anything was or what policies etc we had in place. So began my tuition & the first stop was the attic. Like those in many homes, it had become a haven for all those things ‘we might need in the future’. 

Climbing the ladder & peering in he announced that we needed to ‘sort this out before we start’. In true OCD fashion this was not a simple tidy or throwing away of long forgotten items. No, it meant a complete boarding with chipboard so that we could walk safely on it ‘to get to those things at the back’.

Well, I am pleased (& I suppose a little proud) to tell you that he has finished it! We have board right to the tiniest edges & it all fits perfectly. It has been a really hard job as the atmosphere with the fibre glass from the insulation kept getting down his throat & the temperature was too hot to work in really.

Looking at the finished space, I can see where my beloved is coming from. It does mean that we can move things around safe in the knowledge that we won’t fall through the ceiling. It is also somewhere I can put him if the plate situation gets too much!

Have you got a space like this or a hubby to make you one?


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