Any Ideas?

Now that Christmas is over, I understand that an acceptable time has passed to mention odd presents. Did you get any?

Obviously close family and friends would not give you anything inappropriate would they? That job is usually left to dear sainted aunts who forget that you have grown since they last saw you when you were at nursery.

I’m really lucky. I rarely get anything that causes a problem. Unlike my son who received a voucher for a morning’s training at a falconry centre for him and his wife who is terrified of birds! It was quite expensive and from his father so that will be an interesting conversation!

My sister-in-law has always sent me a gift. It is always posted so usually is light and relatively small. Here is this year’s :

Strange presents

Now I wear scarves and shawls regularly so it is an appropriate gift but WHAT IS IT? The back of it is much wider than the ends and those metal attachments are quite heavy and could be mistaken for a bolas! Now I’m no gocho  and certainly don’t have any animals to floor and brand (hubby tells me that’s what a bolas is for!).

So, what do you think? Answers, not on a post card please, just leave them in the comments!

Now – where’s that cow?

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