Whisking up the gravy!

This time last week I was in Manchester getting ready for Modern Governor’s #GovernorLive event. It was a chance for governors to get together, hear some great keynote talks and share experiences.
I had been given a space in the Governor Hub area to put up a display about 100 Word Challenge to encourage governors to join Team 100 (do read this post to find out how beneficial it could be to your governance work). Whilst I was there I was given this bag and told it was a gift from Clerk to Governors, Shena Lewington.

Intrigued, I opened it to find these items inside! Now, although we are great buddies on Twitter, I have never met Shena in real life so you may wonder what on earth she was doing, giving me these items. No, it wasn’t to help with Shrove Tuesday.

They actually refer to two brilliant posts she has written which are fabulous offering simple but very effective processes for governors.


This post offers questions governors can ask themselves without getting bogged down in long self evaluation forms


This post is aimed at governors of schools in categories of RI or special Measures. Again it is in check list form which cuts lots of reading and focuses on the actions needed.

Shena’s website and twitter presence is invaluable to governors and school leaders. Her simple writing style (including her poetry!) helps to cut through much of the jargon that impedes work in school. Do go and visit. In the meantime, THANK YOU Shena for making me smile.

Now, where are those eggs?

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