Loo jewels

Look at this picture. What do you see?

Look closely!

Can you see the ‘jewels’ on the crown and on the wheels of the bicycle? There’s another in the centre of the suitcase.

 This is actually a snap of wallpaper. It gave the room a feeling of post cards and travel. If you look you can see the sort of envelopes used for airmail letters. It was a very ‘busy’ room especially as it was small in size. It gave a feeling of being a bit overwhelmed.

I was fascinated by it hence the reason I snapped it but it was also because it was the decor for a ladies toilet in a pub! You certainly had lots to look at while you were paying your penny!


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  • I’ve been reading recently about the public toilets (usually sitting right on the sidewalks in large cities) that do a complete self-cleaning after each use. I read a rather involved article by one reporter who used one for the first time. There were buttons with instructions, of course, but there was also a verbal communication system. And once she slipped the lock to unlock the door, it told her she would need to exit within so many seconds because the cleaning process would start. Evidently it sprays down the entire cubicle, including toilet, sink, walls and floor.

    One couple who were not aware of exactly how it worked discovered just how closely timed everything is. The lady couldn’t figure out how to lock the door, so her husband stood guard outside. Then when she finished, flushed, and opened the door, he just took her place inside without completely closing the door first. If he had closed it securely first, the cleaning process would have kicked in and kept the door locked until it was done. But since he didn’t understand that and just traded places with her, as soon as he got inside and closed the door, the cleaning process kicked in, and he was soaked.

    Have you used any of these in your travels?

    • No I haven’t Sandra! I’m always nervous about entering those cylinders on high streets in case the y take off to another planet! Sounds like a great way to keep public toilets fresh though. When they trialled it they must have used a ‘quickie’!

  • I agree and would feel overwhelmed in this loo, May the idea is to get in and o.u.t. ? 😀

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