Friday Wonder!

This video shows Mother Nature at her most amazing and terrifying. Watch it through to the end and ask – should we we doing something about this?


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  • What to do? Move inland. It may yet come to that —
    But I agree with one commenter here. I believe that ultimately the earth is far bigger than our puny selves, and its continual change and evolution since its beginnings is way way beyond us.
    We maybe can help, we maybe can hinder what happens — but the forces at work here are on a vaster scale than we are capable of. My two cents —

  • Big problems with glacier above St Gervais in France about to do similar, and thus wipe the town from the map.

  • Scarey whether you believe in cycles or not.

  • There is a theory this is a natural cycle Earth has gone through many times before? Anyone else heard this theory & what do you think? Sorry, maybe I should do my own blog instead of stealing your comments.

  • Obviously they were able to predict this event to capture it in all its magnificence….and that’s about all we can do now, predict and adapt. Earth will find balance for what mankind has bestowed, but even that may be insignificant compared to all the regular changes earth has undergone and will undergo without man’s influence. Eh, my 2 cents♫

  • My worry and I guess everyone else’s is that will it be too late to do anything when things have go so, so bad that the powers that be decide to do something, then what happens to us all.

  • That was incredible. How many years until we have no ice left because we are boiling this planet with our crap?

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