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I saw these notices all around when we were visiting New York. They varied by the permitted numbers but I puzzled about who counted the people, why that figure was chosen and what happened to you if (in this case) you were number 732!!

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  • I think you’ll enjoy this story. The high school I attended had a very large “field house” which was like a ginormous gym, but with a special indoor track kind of floor. Anyway, then-President Clinton came to give a speech at the school (about how important school is) and this huge room (fitting multiple tennis courts) was used for the speech.

    Two things that struck me as particularly ironic about this event. First, we got a day off school because of it (what with school being so important and all). Second, the field house had a legal capacity (I was told they’re set by the Fire Department for safety reasons based on exits, rooms size, & such). Well, that capacity limit was WAIVED by special permit for the event.

    Given that a couple exists were blocked by security for the President/entourage, and that the WHOLE thing was filled with rows and rows of chairs (so nobody could go directly TO an exit), I thought this was stupidity at its best (because you know if there’s a fire, nobody’s gonna get out until the President does). Also, I don’t know if the temporary capacity counted the camouflaged snipers in the support beams along the ceiling…

  • What an odd number to arrive at – why not just 730? The 731st person must have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, however it was that they came to discover that 🙂

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