Spaghetti & couscous with a difference!

Some of you will know that we have bought a Nutribullet. We are getting on well with it (more about that later) so I suppose we are open to ideas about keeping healthy and gadgets. Now, don’t worry, we haven’t bought another one but a friend of mine has splashed out on a Spiralizer. As it says on the blurb you can turn vegetables such as courgettes, carrots & aubergines into spagetti spirals which can then be used in salads and stir frys.

Well I found courgette spaghetti in Tescos along with cauliflower couscous!

I decided to have a go at something different for supper. I added an onion and in season asparagus. Fried these all together then flaked over some cooked salmon.

The result was OK but needed a bit of something to give it some ompf! Possibly some tomato puree with some chilli but we will definitely have it again.

What was the last experiment you undertook in the kitchen?

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  • I’d try the courgette spaghetti but nothing would disguise cauliflower enough for me to eat it!

  • I haven’t done anything exciting. I cut strip off a carrot with a vegetable peeler to make a new type of carrot salad. Wasn’t too keen on the texture. 🙁

  • I have never heard of a spiraliser! How amazing.
    Last night I put cooked butter beans with chilli olive oil, garlic and mint into the food processor. I like the result, but I have yet to try it on anyone else. I blitzed raw beetroot with mint on Sunday and loved it, but Octavia was. It so keen when I took it round to be part of our Sunday meal and chat session.

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