Quick Paella – Summer Supper!

‘Quick paella’ seems a contradiction in terms. When you see how much goes into this Spanish dish you

We love paella. Here is THE biggest one we have ever had and this was one portion! It was eaten in amazing surroundings in the harbour side of La Rochelle. We were in a restaurant obviously frequented by locals because when we placed our order there was a ripple of sniggers around. When the monsters were brought out, we knew why.

Quick Paella - Summer supper


The thing that stands out is the number of shells! You have quite an entertaining time getting through this plate!


Isn’t that risotto?

As I was preparing this Quick Paella, I thought that it looked quite like risotto. Both dishes are mainly rice that is cooked by added liquid. My research found these differences:

Both are very different. Paella is a spanish dish. You cook it in a large pan (also called a paella). Primary spice needed in it is saffaron. You can then flavor it with a variety of meats (chicken, sausage, seafood are common). This large pan creates a lot of surface area that produces a crunchy bottom on the rice. Risotto is italian. You cook the rice slowly in broth, stirring a lot. You can then flavor it with a bunch of different things (cheese, squash, asparagus, mushroom, etc). This creates a very creamy thick texture in contrast to the crunch of the paella. Risotto does not have cream in it as a previous comment indicated.

Having checked the ingredients and finding I had the spices already I decided to give  it a go!


[yumprint-recipe id=’1′]

 Simple but tasty version of the classic dish


Quick Paella a la Julia

Unlike hubby, I’m not really a recipe cook. I start off with the best of intentions but I’m usually impatient. This time, I was very good and followed most of the instructions. The main difference was that I couldn’t find white long grain rice so used a mixture of wild and white rice. 

Obviously what makes it quick was the absence of the shellfish in their shells but for a summer supper, it did the trick. We can save the traditional version for those holidays in the sun!


Are you a seafood fan? Share your favourite recipe below!


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