Picnics in the UK

Those regular visitors to Julia’s Place will know that we like to try to go out on a trip each week and when we do, we’ll often take a picnic with us. We have some pack-away chairs and a lovely new picnic basket that our son bought and when you add a flask, we have all the gear.

This week we thought we would head for the beach – sun, sand and sea. It was July after all. Unfortunately the British weather decided to put a downer on our plans and although the sun was shining on the journey there, by the time we parked, it was pouring. Thankfully, I had half expected a turn in the weather so had made an appropriate picnic for us to have.

An easy meal in these circumstances would be sandwiches. Hubby loves bread so that wouldn’t be a hardship but I find with sitting the car, once eaten, they tend to sit uncomfortably in my tummy. They also make crumbs all over the upholstery which adds cleaning the car to the list of jobs! Instead I made up some salads and when I saw them, I thought I’d share the idea.

The basic components are the classic – leaf, tomatoes, cucumber. For this picnic I added cubed crab sticks. Sometimes it might be a seafood selection or prawns and occasionally I’ll add boiled eggs. These are added to the basics and put into a food container.

The next ingredients change according to our mood. We usually grab a couple of pots from Tesco’s. These may be potato salad / coleslaw or something more adventurous from their prepared salad range. We really like the Moroccan couscous and the pea with Edamame bean salad but there are lots to choose from. I take them with us so that we can help ourselves and the leaf in the boxes does not get too wet.

These salads are easy to prepare, make a change from sandwiches and also stop you making the weather an excuse not to go out! If it is cold, add a flask of soup rather than coffee which is our preferred beverage.

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Are you picnic go-ers? What do you take that is quick and easy and can be eaten in the car?

This is not a sponsored post. We like Tesco salads so are sharing them!

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