New kiwi on the block!

 This is not an advert for Tescos although I do owe them a thank you.

Hubby and I often go to our local store on a Saturday. We have a cup of coffee, talk about our goodies for the week-end and have a leisurely amble around. We do our big weekly shop in another Tesco store (long story and for another post!). It means that at the week-end we approach those folks giving samples with more time and interest.

This morning there was a stand in the fruit department offering a taste of kiwi fruits. We are fans but I find that they are quite difficult to eat as I don’t like the skin and find removing it or trying to scoop the fruit out a bit of a pain. Well, today we were introduced to YELLOW kiwis. They are  slightly sweeter than their green cousins and the flesh is softer. As we bought some, the lady (it is usually ladies doing sampling isn’t it?)  gave us two amazing looking implements! They are spoons that cut round and scoop out.

Very ingenious! The fruit was delicious and even though we used our gifts, we needed to have a wash after eating them because they were very juicy! I’m sure children would love them.

Have you seen and tried these new additions to the fruit bowl?

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