Did you know these amazing things about eating dinner?

Eating dinner

What time would we find you eating dinner? For many people, that would be in the evening but did you know that centuries ago, dinner was eaten in the morning? Our relationship with food and the names we give various meals is different where you live.

The infographic below sets out some of the interesting facts about this main meal but there is also a discussion to be had about the health benefits and potential weight loss mostly down to the time you eat what!


What time should you be eating dinner?

In this post from Sixty and Me about losing weight, it is not so much what you eat but when. Apparently, the earlier you eat most of the day’s calories the better. It gives your system time to work them off. So, could you eat a breakfast that has say 600 calories in it out of 1400? In our house, we don’t do breakfast so that would be a major shift. We could however make lunch a bit more and have a light supper in the evening.

Swapping by eating dinner at breakfast time and breakfast at dinner time would help but you’d need to think about menus I think! There is also the idea of ‘fasting time’ between your last food of the day and when you next eat the following day. Ideally, nothing should pass your lips after 6pm. For those living in France, that idea could be a real problem as they often don’t eat until 10pm!


Dinners From Around The World

Infographic courtesy of Chef Works

Have you changed your thinking?

So, do you think you may be going to change when you will be eating dinner?

I’m not sure that I can persuade my husband to change his habit of having his main meal in the evening although I may be able to slightly change the menu. That custom was started by his mother but they did call it TEA!

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