How to create a personal profile in a cake!

how to make a personal [profile in a cake

how to create a personal profile in a cake

A special birthday needs a special centrepiece and this is how to create a personal profile in a cake! 


What would you like?

When I first contacted Mel Todd at Mummy’s Little Cakery, I knew that the cake my son would have for his 40th birthday would be special. 

Mel asked what sort of thing I would like and unsurprisingly,  I had no idea! I did know it had to be sponge rather than fruit and without nuts as he has an allergy to them. Other than that my mind was a blank. 

She asked about him as a person – interests, hobbies, career. So I gave her – headteacher, cricketer, special constable. He is married and has a daughter so those details went into the mix as well. I ordered it back at the beginning of the year and apart from paying for it, didn’t give it much thought until a few days from collection.


More than a cake

Mummy’s Little Cakery is rightly flourishing as a business. As a customer, I was surprised and impressed with what else goes into providing a cake; it is so much more than Mel making a cake in her kitchen. 

Firstly, she has to design it. Each of her cakes is unique whether it is a single layer sponge for a child’s birthday or a three or four fruit tiers for a wedding. She has researched her craft attending cake fairs to see what the latest equipment and thinking is, and is always on the look out for ‘something special’.

When you are providing food to customers, you have to think about their safety so on the front of the box was this really useful sheet.


how to create a personal profile in a cake


As you can see it has a list of ingredients together with a general description and storage recommendations. It also has that old favourite – a use by date.

At the top, you can see a selection of grids. This is the recommended way to cut it. For us non-bakers, this is so useful, to make sure the cake is enjoyed by as many people as possible. I love that there is a choice of how big a piece everyone has!


Getting it there

Having created this confection, it has to be transported to the venue where the event is taking place. Now that may be a house, a hall or a hotel but the cake needs to be moved. I can tell you they are not flimsy constructions but you know that if they come into contact with anything solid, disaster is going to happen. So under the sheet shown above is this:


how to create a personal profile in a cake


How professional! Each of Mel’s cakes is a creation just like a painting would be and just like that artist who works with paint and oils, she wants to make sure her masterpieces arrive in the condition they are supposed to. 


What was inside the box

And so to the cake. Here it is:


How to create a personal profile in a cake


Isn’t it amazing? Remember I gave her – cricketer, special constable and head teacher. The first two are obvious but if you look carefully you will see it is on a board with all sorts of school images! Brilliant!

I have been singing this young woman’s praises for a while now. She is so talented! If you want a cake with a difference, I suggest you get in touch with her. It is possible to post cakes (astonishing isn’t it!) and Mel also caters for gluten free and any other requirement. 

This isn’t a sponsored post – I paid for the cake – but I just feel skills like this should be celebrated!

She is making one for our 240th birthday party (more about that next week!) so watch this space for another incredible look at baking talent!

Do you like cake? 

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