Christmas eating – no need to get fat

Christmas eating

Not so much good mirth as good girth can be the legacy of Christmas! Follow these tips on the lead up and that will help you get into good habits of Christmas eating.

Yummy but wicked

Yummy but wicked!

Eat when you’re hungry

Seems a sensible suggestion but how often do we pick or nibble at food when we really don’t need it? Listen to your tummy and feed it when it is empty but stop when it sends you the message that is it getting full.


Beware big plates

The fashion in restaurants is for large plates and bowls to be used to serve food. Often when it arrives it doesn’t look much but actually, by the end of the meal your appetite has been satisfied. We treated ourselves to some of these ‘posh’ dishes but my goodness it is hard not to fill them.


Go for colour

Having smaller portions can be really hard to do and really strain the motivation so go for colour. Make sure at least half your plate is fruit and vegetables. They are low in calories, look appetising and when a quarter that’s left is potato, rice or pasta, the portion of meat that can be high in calories is going to be small.


The eyes have it

Our eating habits start with our eyes so any snacks especially those classed as junk food should not be around and certainly not in view. Remember – out of sight is out of mind.


Make cooking a pleasure

I have found that when I make the decision to produce a home-cooked meal, it is often full of healthy options. It must be the connection between the recipe and the ingredients and that feeling of naughtiness should you reach for the fresh cream! So, the more you can get into the kitchen, the more the meals will be healthy.

Christmas is often a time when those people who rarely venture into the kitchen love to have a potter. They often have the time to look at recipes and try things out. It may only be a couple of weeks to the big day but if you start with some of these approaches, you should be in a better place to make sure your memory of Christmas 2015 is not an extra stone!


Share your tips for being good with your Christmas eating!

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