7 brunch ideas that are tasty & healthy for you

7 tasty brunch ideas

These 7 tasty brunch ideas will keep things healthy, as they avoid trans fat foods. But what is trans fat? Well, it’s unsaturated fat found in foods like fatty meats, cakes and fried food – the foods you really want to avoid.

Once you have a plan to steer clear of unhealthy foods you can have a lot of fun with brunch and eat really well too. So, let’s take look at seven of the tastiest brunch options.

1. Egg-cellent eggs

Eggs are packed full of protein and healthy Omega fats, and they’re delicious too. There are so many ways to enjoy them at brunch – poached on top of a wholemeal muffin with a little hollandaise being one tasty choice. Omelettes are another easy way of getting eggs into your mid-morning diet. Simply whisk up the eggs and then add your favourite flavours – mushrooms, low fat cheese, ham… you can have fun with friends trying out new combos.

2. Super smoothies

Smoothies are perfect if you love the idea of something a little sweeter and, just like eggs, there are so many options to choose from. Bananas make a great base and add a creamy texture, so if you like them, they’re a tasty option. Mix with berries of your choosing, spinach for some good greenery and a little whey protein for an added boost. You can also blitz up nuts in your smoothies if you don’t want to add whey.

7 tasty brunch ideas

3. Healthy pancakes

Pancakes are often seen as being quite a naughty treat, but they really don’t have to be if you use skimmed milk, eggs and wholemeal flour. Want more ideas on swapping bad fats with the good ones? Here you can find ideas!

That combo will produce a healthy and fluffy pancake, just waiting to be topped with fruit, nuts, seeds… whatever you like. Another great accompaniment is Greek yogurt – creamy, tasty and nutritious all wrapped up in one.

4. Breakfast burritos

Move back that popular breakfast treat a couple of hours and wrap up a brunch burrito. Stick a pile of flour tortillas in the middle of the table with bowls of your favourite fillings for everyone to mix and match. Light cheese, peppers, crispy onions, beans… again, the choice is yours – just keep it healthy and steer clear of those trans fat foods. Pop it in the oven if you like yours hot!

5. Homemade beans on toast

Who doesn’t love beans on toast! But before you reach for the tin opener it’s actually really easy to make your own. Choose your bean – haricot and flageolet work really well – and heat them in a pan with some chopped tomatoes or passata. Let the mixture thicken up nicely; add seasoning and you’ve got your homemade beans. For an extra kick you can add a pinch of cayenne pepper or take the flavours to South East Asia with a little sweet chilli sauce. All that’s left is to toast some wholemeal or granary bread.

6. Kicking Kedgeree

This is the most labour intensive of our brunches, but it’s really tasty and you’ll have the added bonus of being able to eat the leftovers later in the day. Flake smoked haddock into your delicious rice and eggs, sprinkling with as much chilli as you like. Swap out butter for low calorie spray to fry off the onions and go for brown rice over white.

7 tasty brunch ideas


7. Funky fruit platters

Fruit is full of great nutrients and gives you a sweet pick me up mid-morning. The best way to go is to think colours of the rainbow – bananas, grapes, oranges, strawberries etc. Be creative with shapes if you like, or if you want to ramp up the fun you can create fruit pizzas. Use a slice of pineapple or melon as your base and top with your other favourite fruits.

There you go, plenty of top ideas for a tasty brunch. We’ve covered the healthy part too, including answering the question ‘what is trans fat?’ and looked at plenty of ways you can keep brunch delicious without reaching for the unhealthy option. Give them a try and see which brunch dishes you love the most.

Leave your own favourites in the comments below! 


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