Swanage by Steam

Swanage by steam

Dorset when you are nearly three!

The Jurassic coast is one on my favourite places to visit and you will find many posts on this blog about trips to that part of the country. This week-end we did Swanage by steam accompanied by my nearly three year old grand daughter and it was an experience for us all!

Our journey began at the station at Norden which is the starting point for the Swanage Railway which runs  to Swanage in Dorset. Each of the four stations along the line, as well as the engines, are manned ( and womanned!) by volunteers. It is a chance to revisit times when travel was at a gentle pace and you could enjoy the scenery you were passing.

Swanage by steam



It is not only airports where you have to show the contents of your bag you know!




Swanage by steam


…and even when you are little you still have to show your ticket and get it punched.

For the rest of the journey she squealed every time the whistle went and as many of the passengers were tiny, the driver made sure it was over worked. You forget all the noises and smells that go with a steam train and living it through her eyes brought a new experience for us all.


Our destination was the end of the line and if you are a regular visitor here you will know my passion for this little seaside town Swanage on a Sunday. Today was a day for fish and chips and sausage and peas and ….where do little ones put all that food?

Seagulls were a fascination especially those pretending to be ducks as they waded on the waters edge. Even on a family day out though, a girl needs some ME time. Time to reflect on sand castles and seaweed.


Swanage by steam

Swanage by steam had a reverse  journey so there was time for a chat with mummy, smiles all round in the carriage, a team photo by the engine and a go at this train driving lark!


Our final stop and end of a wonderful adventure was Corfe Castle where Little Miss, with the help of her father singing ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’, marched around the ruins that are still so imposing. It was time for the family to reflect on a truly amazing day and say a big thank you to our little girl for our Swanage by steam adventure.

Swanage by steam

Have you a little one who has changed your view of somewhere you thought you knew well? Share below!

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