You 40 years old? My birthday ode to you, my son

Birthday ode to you


Well, my son – 40 years ago today we met and I couldn’t let that milestone of both our lives pass without me marking it here. So, here is my birthday ode to you.


Just the two of us

It was not planned that way. We were supposed to be a happy family. The sort that you saw in magazines and on television but your dad and me, well, we just couldn’t do it. We did try, honestly. We shared so many things but that unseen glue that you need to face whatever life throws at you just wasn’t there. 

Towards the end of your life, if you have achieved something, you are lucky but we all deserve to be satisfied with our years here. The chance to say ‘ I’ve enjoyed being here’. If I’d stayed with your dad I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do that and as life is not a rehearsal, and although you were only just a year old, we left him. And in the end, all of us, including him, were happier for it.

 Birthday ode to you


The kindness cup

You’ve always been a positive chap, up for fun with a generous spirit  which made me especially proud when it was rewarded with the ‘Kindness Cup’ award. Do you remember that? I hope so because those are the things that made you who you are now.


birthday ode to you


Following in my footsteps

Nick and I always strived to give you the independence that would stand you in good stead whatever path you choose to take. Those teen years with their cricket, their performances, their lifts to here and there. We got through them (even that blasted maths exam!) and when you left for college we felt you were ready for the world.

I can’t tell you how proud I am that you followed in my footsteps when you chose your profession. You were always a far better teacher than I ever was and now you are also a head teacher. Have we set a family tradition I wonder? 

 Birthday ode to you


My special ‘special’

Your decision to become a special constable blew me away! The training you had to do to be accepted was astonishing and my tears at your attestation were a mother’s joy.

You are a man with your own family now  but when you are on duty, I worry. That’s my job. I’m your mum. 

 Birthday ode to you


My pride

Being your mum has been an amazing experience. The tears, the joy, the hurt, the love – all the things that make up a relationship. It has all been worth it and looking at you now, I still feel that pride and know it will stay with me through the years to come.  

Enjoy my birthday ode to you, my son!


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