Good reading habits are not just for school

Reading habits

Those of us in education can sometimes forget the benefit of much of our work beyond the school gates but this info-graphic shows how good reading habits can be the foundation of great success.
So as an adult reader, what is on your night-time table? Do you have a variety of favourite genres? Are you a seasonal reader, only finding the time when school is out?
I love reading but have only managed some dedicated time when I’m in the bath! I’ve only lost one book to the bubbles ‘We need talk about Kevin’ by Lionel Shriver which seems quite appropriate given its subject. I did manage to dry it out although the pages had a wavy demeanour!
As we move into the school holidays there will be lots of sharing of lists & recommendations. For instance, @UKgovsread will share a good range of titles. There can also be a friendly rivalry on who reads the most, which brings me to the info-graphic.

What the successful read

Although the data comes from the US, all those listed are household names. They bear out the fact that the more you read the greater your knowledge, vocabulary & hopefully your perspective.
Reading Habits that Lead to Success Infographic

What are your reading habits?

So, where do you fit in as far as reading is concerned? Are you someone who loves the smell of the pages of a book that an electronic device just cannot match? Are you a hardback or paperback reader? For me in my bath, hardbacks can be too heavy!
Hopefully, if you are an educator reading the graphic will give you the confidence to know & promote that reading is so much more than phonics & testing.

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