We Don’t Do Special

Things have gone back to normal for Saturday Centus this week. We have a prompt (in blue) and 100 words to create an interesting piece.


The lighting was dimmed, with shadows from the candles dancing on the wall. The table decorations told him that this was to be a special meal. Everything screamed ‘Special’ to him. His pulse began to speed and soon the throb in his ears told him he was getting anxious. They don’t do special.

‘Oh there you are,’ she said gaily.

‘What’s all this?’ he whispered

‘I wanted it to be special,’ she said as she put her arms round him.

‘Special? Why?’  he responded

‘Well. Surprise! I’m pregnant,’ she beamed.

In those three words his life changed. He turned and silently left.


For those of you who enjoy these challenges, I’m hosting something similar but a little different HERE so do pop over and have a look. Of course that is after you have popped over to Jenny’s Blog to read the other Centus entries!

Jenny Matlock

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