The Wall!

I have missed a couple of recent Saturday Cenuts posts because the children’s version has really taken off (do visit here & comment please) but here is this weeks. As usual, the prompt is in blue & I have used an additional 100 words!


They brought hammers, picks, shovels even screw drivers. Anything to make an impression on the concrete bricks. As the pieces came off they used their hands to prize away nearly 30 years of hardship, separation & misery.

The rest of the world watched as the TV cameras flocked to the unfolding scene. Unbelief was the state for everyone. Could this REALLY be happening? Surely the world could not be this gracious?

Suddenly there was a crack & a huge slice of rubble collapsed revealing light on the other side!

The newsreader reported ‘ The curtain parted tonight as the Berlin Wall fell’.


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