The Future

This week sees Jenny being quite generous. For our Saturday Centus she has given us an additional 50 words. The  prompt is …if I die young… so we have 154 words to write a creative piece. Here’s my effort


The illness had taken it’s toll. That youthful face with bright eyes had been replaced by a grey pallor and such sadness.

She was trying to be brave and not show her terror that being without him would mean. He had always been her strength, her confidence, her energy. Everything she had achieved was because of him.

Consciousness came and went. He was aware of the situation they were in and knew he had to take the lead.

If I die young,’ he said in a feeble but determined voice, knowing that there was no if about it, ‘I want you to live the life we planned. Do you understand?’

She nodded desperately trying to keep breathing as her heart lurched in her chest.

‘It is a life for two people so you must find someone else. That’s if I die young.’

His hand slipped from hers and at last he was at peace.


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