It was always Mother’s desire that I should be famous. Not for me a 15 minute slot but real fame. The sort that the world knows about and here it is!

I know I must keep my shoulders straight.

Eyes to the front focusing on a point in the distance.

These 2 inch heels are a bit tricky but then if you are going to stand in for the Queen of England so that they have the right height of things, you must wear what she feels comfortable in I suppose. I wonder if I’ll get to wear the crown?


The Jubilee celebrations have spawned all sorts of tit bits of information about Her Majesty. One such is the fact that she always wears two inch heels and has a stand-in that is the same height. Since to advent of televised events the Queen has been told where to stand to suit the cameras.On one Remembrance Day parade she found it difficult to see as the sun was in her eyes. Since then they have used someone who is the same height as her.

Do pop over to see what the other Centurians have come up with in response to this picture from Jenny Matlock!


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