Oeufs Al Fresco!

Well Jenny has certainly CRACKED! After a few weeks of limiting the word despite this being a 100 word creative writing meme she has given us this for inspiration!

Here’s my effort!


‘Well where are they?’ she pleaded, the tiredness showing in her tone

‘How should I know’, he replied realizing that this sort of undertaking should not be done in heat that was too great to imagine.

‘So what are we going to do?’ she asked, hoping he had the energy for an answer.

‘Well what are the choices? Which boxes have we got?’

‘ We’ve got plates and cutlery but no cooking equipment. That’s in the removal van’, she explained

‘Right! Got it! You get the bread. We’re having ‘oeuf al fresco’’, he said cracking the eggs onto the sizzling tarmac.


Now my fellow Centusians will have made much better efftorts so pop click the badge & pop over to Jenny’s to read some more!

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