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Today I received an email telling me of the latest posts by two of my favourite bloggers. I was really surprised when they both had the same title & same topic. Reading through, it is a meme & I thought that I would join in. My inspiration came from Garry over at The Blog Up North & Melinda at Her Melness Speaks Out! & as  the title suggests, it’s all about where they create the great articles that I so enjoy.

So, not to be beaten here is my ‘Write Room’ although it is not that simple. This is my study which I share with hubby. Can you believe it used to be a bathroom?!

The picture was taken by the door. Behind the chair is a book-case made by hubby & you can just see the edge of another small book-case on the left of the desk. I come here in the mornings to look at what the virtual world has been up to over-night.

However, this is not the only place that is my Write Room. I treated myself to a little net book last year & it has been such a valuable buy. As you can see it can go in my handbag (although I have a larger bag I usually take with it in). It means that when hubby needs the PC, I can sit downstairs & type away. It also goes with me when I know there are going to be reasonable lengths of time waiting during the day. You may find that idea strange. However if you follow my other blog The Head’s Office, you will know that I set a challenge to schools each week. It is a 100 Word Challenge where the children are given a prompt & have 100 words to write a creative piece.

I have made the commitment to respond to each entry & when there are over 150 each week, being able to grab a few quiet minutes here & there is invaluable.

So, there you have it – two spaces. Now I need to start writing to make good use of them!

Post script: This is what a real author’s Write Room looks like! Alexander

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