I Could Have Been There!

Sincere apologies for my recent absence. I won’t go into the details. Suffice to say life has been manic. Anyway, I’m back and what a week to choose to rejoin the Saturday Centus. This week we have 100 words to write from the view from that window indicated by the arrow!

Saturday Centus

‘You need to come away from that window now’

‘I know what he’ll be saying. He’ll be saying that they need to keep their focus. They need to make sure they man mark more closely. That’s what he’ll be saying.’

‘Come on. You’ll only get upset.’

‘He will be trying to remind them of those matches where they did really well. He’ll be telling each of them how good they are. It’s all your fault. I could be out there!’

‘I’m not prepared to dye your hair so that you can play in some ridiculous Red Head team!’


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