Heroes #Pass It On

This week’s Centus prompt is very appropriate. It is ‘The legacy of heroes…’ & fits beautifully with my request to you all. Before you read my entry for this week, please make sure you go & sign this petition on behalf of Save the Children to raise awareness that children are needlessly dying for lack of vaccine for childhood diseases that we in the western world take for granted. Sign the Petition Here so that our legacy is fit for our children who are our heroes!


The wind howled down the empty street tossing discarded newspapers to the already cluttered gutters. The awnings creaked as the weather turned for the worse. The guns and tanks had created a foreign landscape that bore no resemblance to the bustling town that had once existed there. In the distance a light could be seen & the faint sound of music heard. It seemed alien in this environment but there it was.

His patrol took him nearer the door as out streamed laughter followed by men who grabbed him in celebration!

‘We won!’, they shouted.

‘So – this is the legacy of heroes’, he thought

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