How to fill a blank page. Panic!

How to fill a blank page

How to fill a blank page

That white, clean surface stares back at me. Unforgiving. Accusing. I have to face it. The question is how to fill a blank page and the answer is panic! 

Try a different medium

I love stationery and so if there is any excuse for a new pen or a new book I’m there. Now today I knew I was going to struggle to produce a post for my 30 Day Blogging Challenge attempt. I just stared at the screen and drew a blank. Let’s face it. It is a BIG ask really so would it matter if I missed a day?


So, I turned to a new writing book that has that pristine first page waiting for pearls of wisdom to be dropped to christen it. I reached for one of my special pens that I keep in a special mug on my table but still nothing. 


Does it really matter?

It would matter to me because I had made a commitment to myself. Being retired (or not in paid employment as I want retirement to be renamed) can be perceived as you having no goals. You just please yourself every day as if it is a holiday. Not true! As I explained in my post looking at the possibilities of being bored it is important that you fill your days with activities that are valuable to you and blogging is something I enjoy. So, I need to be inspired!


Steal some ideas

Now when I say steal, I really mean acquire the topics that others have written about. There are hundreds of lists out there with all sorts of suggestions. They are catalogued into genres and niches so there really is no excuse. I read through some but nothing sparked.

I realised that although I enjoy writing, I have to be motivated by more than publishing a post. The past 14 days of posts here have covered a wide variety of themes, hopefully providing something for my varied readership. They were all written when the muse was with me so having a list of possible titles was not going to help unless that lady was around.


Change the scenery

The advice for writer’s block often includes changing the scenery. Get up,  move to another room, go for a walk, see other people. Just stop thinking about not being able to think about it.

Well, today is Monday so that is food shopping day with a coffee in the cafe before we start. While we were sipping and thinking about the menus for this week, I explained to hubby how much of a battle I was having today. He sympathised and made some suggestions – none of which appealed at all. He then paused and said, almost jokingly, ‘you could always write about not being able to write!’


The answer to ‘how to fill a blank page?’

So, there you have it, Dear Reader. My post for Day#15 is all about how I couldn’t find anything to write about. It has been quite cathartic to share this frustration with you. I have also realised that I need a spark of some sort to get me going and that may not always be around so I’ll have to think of a process to get me there if I’m going to continue to write. 

I am pleased, though,  that I haven’t let myself down. I’ve been able to keep up the challenge. Hubby is of course VERY pleased with himself! We bought a newspaper while we were shopping and I’ve found a couple of things that I may be able to fan into a glimmer of an idea if tomorrow presents that same blank screen. So,


What is your remedy for writer’s block?



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  • Thank you for sharing your own struggle – there are many lists and exercises out there for “unblocking” – I find them very helpful for helping me to break out of the box (my biggest struggle). Best wishes to you in your writing!

  • If you find the answer let me know because I’ve been totally stuck for a year now!

  • Oh Julia, this is so me today. I was awakened too early (again), had to rush around this morning (remember I’m not a morning person) and have found myself completely disheveled. And so, my remedy today (if it works) is to do everything in reverse order. So, rather than posting first thing and doing other things later today, I’m doing it in opposite order. I still don’t have a clear idea regarding my post subject, but it isn’t even noon yet. 😉

  • pauldavissolutions

    These are some great thoughts! I love changing mediums for writing. I have multiple software systems on my computer and notebooks in my bag that I am constantly writing in.

  • Writer’s block remedy = post a picture 🙂

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