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Well Jenny Matlock has certainly rolled the red carpet out for the Golden Anniversary of Saturday Centus! Rather than writing our own pieces, we have to choose one from last week & review it! The same rules of 100 words still apply! The piece I am reviewing was by Tina over at Mummy Diaries  who wrote:-

Devastated, heartbroken, that empty feeling inside. Would I ever get over the love of my life April?

Times of staring into space, lonely moments in the dark, ready meals for one. Would I ever see past the 2 year love story that we shared together?

A knock at the door came. Making my way there slowly passed the drawn curtains. “Just go away” I muttered.

3 months on and I was still miserable in my own skin! But this woman’s grin would brighten up anyones day

“Hi I’m May. I’ve just moved in next door”
 Then something inside me suddenly took away all that pain and I thought “April showers bring May flowers!” ……

This piece by Tina has all the hallmarks of a passionate writer. She has encapsulated not only the despair of someone who has been recently rejected but also the loneliness of living alone after sharing your life with someone. The self loathing and guilt of the hero comes through the writing with the physical descriptions Tina uses. I wondered if a man would have those feelings or if they came from the author being female. One thing is certain, he was certainly likely to perk up when a pretty smiling girl came to visit!

Tina – I enjoyed reading & reviewing!

 Now pop over the Jenny’s & see what other reviewers have got up to! 

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  • Julia! I loved this! I wanted to let you know, too, that I am going to ‘refresh’ the rules on all the memes (addressing your earlier in the week e-mail)

    I find it really fascinating that other reviews of this came from a different perspective.

    I think this would be an interesting ‘project’ for your school meme. Perhaps an obscure paragraph by a famous author and see how each child interprets it.

    Thanks for being brave and giving this difficult challenge a go.

    I admire your writing and your style.

  • Nice review. Tina’s texts seems to have struck a chord with several readers. Feelings are hard to write about and she has succeeded well.

    I also like the fun choice of names “April” & “May”! There are not many names of months that can be names of people (=women) too.

    Yes, there’s “August”; that name is used in Swedish. But how many people do you know named “October”?

    I’m a little behind in my blogging, so I have combine three SC-posts with this week 50’s post.

    Best wishes,
    Anna’s SC-48-49-50

  • Wow this was so nice of you julia to do this nice review about my story. Glad you enjoyed and understood it.

    Im so touched by being chosen and the lovely comments I have received. Its really made my day.

    Thank You so much x

    I am still yet to do my review. Im so behind! But I’ll get there in the next day or so im sure! Have a great day 🙂

  • Tom

    Very nice! You have a real flair for reviews, Julia! A very deep and analytical review on a wonderful story. Excellent!

  • Very good and thoughtful review and excellent observation that the gender of the spurned partner could be either one !

  • jo

    wow! wonderful review … i enjoyed this immensely!

  • I am having so much fun reading these reviews! You picked up on many of the same elements I did in reading Tina’s work and expressed them well.



  • I’ll bet any newspaper or periodical would hire you as a critic! Great work!!

  • A truly great story, and a great review. You are very good at that.

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