Another Match – 100 Words

The over-powering alcohol fumes hung in the air, seeming to create an atmosphere that had a feel of menace somehow. Together with the expletives being yelled at an ear-splitting volume it made it a strange way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Maybe the change of day is what had brought out the foul mouthed, the angry and life’s odd balls. Is it more appropriate for that behaviour on a Saturday or just what we have become accustomed to?

It was all in complete contrast to the Spring weather which, with its weak sun, held the promise of beauty and growth.


This piece has been written as part of Nickie O’Hara’s  ‘100 Word’ series over at Typecast. You can see the first of mine in this series ‘The Match’

If you enjoying reading these short creative pieces, please visit the 100 Word Challenge over at the Head’s Office. This is a challenge for children and there are some amazing reads!

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