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I have to say a HUGE apology for my lack of attention to this wonderful weekly happening. Life has been manic (please read this apology too!) Let me expalin. As you may know that I am running a 100 Word Challenge over on the Head’s Office for children to write creative pieces in 100 words. It is very popluar with lots of entries & next week we are going to run a Special 100 WC to support Save the Children in their Pass it on Campaign. So life has been busy.

Anyway enough of the sorrys – here is my entry for this week’s Centus. As suaul, the prompt is in blue


She looked at the reflection in the mirror. What did he see? How could he not see the similarities with that awful woman. The one who had brought so much pain & unhappiness. The one who had the ability to destroy with just a look. It was there in the eyes. It was there in the mouth. Surely he could see it. She turned her head to catch the light. Yes, she could see it. Even the lines that creep up on a face were in the same positions.

‘But, can’t you…?’

‘You’re nothing like your mother. You are beautiful & I love you.’

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