50/50 Word Challenge – Week#24

Thank you all SO much for a wonderful week! I haven’t laughed so much in a long time! The down side is that I can’t listen to any carol now without seeing pictures of sprouts, turkey and burnt embers! Thank you again and do make sure you visit to see them all HERE. Welcome to our new writers and I hope you become regular contributors.

You have all been great supporters of this weekly foray into writing and creativity. As a thank you, I am giving you a special Christmas challenge. The theme is ‘The Season’

However it is special because you are going to write two pieces and the link is open for two weeks!

  • Write a 50 word piece on the theme
  • Post it as usual on your blog & here at Julia’s Place
  • Wait until you have got fed up with all the festivities and there are a some entries and chose one
  • Write the next 50 words of the entry you have chosen as if you were continuing the story. It’s like the old party game of consequences when you wrote something on a piece of paper, folded it over and passed it on. This will give you the opportunity of writing in the genre chosen by someone else!
  • Link to the piece you are continuing. You should have lots of visitors over this time!

 For example:

@dughall writes something about getting stuck in the snow and @anhalf writes her second piece about the rescue.

Get it? If you don’t please tweet me or leave a comment below. This idea comes care of Nick Hitchen @Baldworm who made the suggestion of a 50/50 for the children. I’m trialling it on you lot first to see how it goes because I know you won’t let me down!

If you are wondering what this is all about have a look HERE and you will get a better idea although this week is a little different. Do get in touch if you are completely baffled!!

In the meantime, have a wonderful festive season with family and friends. This link is open until 2nd Jan so I feel I will be joining you!!

Click here to enter your link. It will take you to another page but if you let me know when you have posted, I will move it to this page as soon as possible.

  1. The Meaning of the Season
  2. Decisions
  3. The Sparkler
  4. Loving the Season
  5. Fragments from Fireflyphil
  6. Rock Angel
  7. Somalia
  8. The Season
  9. The View from Outside
  10. The Wrong Season
  11. The Mail
  12. The Season
  13. Another Season
  14. It’s About the Season not the Seasoning!
  15. Subway Buskers Holiday Hint #53
  16. The Sea Son
  17. The Holiday Season Dancing in the Rain
  18. Change of Season
  19. List
  20. Endings (part2)
  21. Seasons Greetings
  22. The Season (part 1)
  23. Compilation
  24. Christmas
  25. Decisions part 2
  26. Part 2 Contributions – G Sussex
  27. Part 2 for entry 10
  28. Loving the Season – part 2
  29. The Season – part 2
  30. View from the Outside – part 2
  31. The Sea Son – part 2
  32. Somalia part 2
  33. The Joke’s on Who? 
  34. Change of Season (post 18) Part 2
  35. Jolly Season – Part 1 
  36. The List – part 2
  37. The Joke’s on Who? – part 2 
  38. The Joke’s on Who? – part 3
  39. The Season (post 12) – part 2
  40. The Lail – part 1
  41. Seasons Greetings – part 2  
  42. Change of Seasons – part 2
  43. Getting Ambitious – 10 endings! 
  44. The Sparkler – part 2
  45. Nellyache – The Season & part 2
  46. Subway Buskers Holiday Hint #53 – part 2
  47. Jolly Season – part 2
  48. The Season (post 22) – part 2
  49. The Season (post 22) – part 2.2
  50. The Season (post 8) – part 2
  51. Holiday Hint #53 – part 2.2
  52. The Sparkler – part 2

50/50 Word Challenge

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