5 great blogs and a challenge!

Summertime has meant a new challenge for me. I’m taking part in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge of posting thirty blog posts in thirty days. It has given me access to some amazing blogs and here are 5 great blogs and a challenge for you to consider! 


Time management – The Time Doctor 5 great blogs and a challenge

Don’t worry – we haven’t slipped into the Tardis to explore space! Say hello to Mike Gardner who is after your time. He doesn’t want it for himself but he wants to help you  to have more of it. Every day we waste precious minutes doing or achieving nothing. Mike has a portfolio of great posts to help you see where the biggest drain on your time occurs and how, with some simple tweaks, you can make more of your time to get all the things you want to get done ticked off that to-do list. Check the out HERE



5 great blogs and a challengeReturning to work – The Confident Mother

Sherry Bevan is a powerhouse of activity. Her CV is very impressive with skills in leadership, project management and customer service. The reason I’m introducing you is that she has a passion for supporting young mums. She has worked closely with the National Childbirth Trust before branching out to launch The Confident Mother.

This is where Sherry offers help to career break mums who may be lacking in confidence after time out of the workplace. Her simple and supportive approach offers lots of ideas in small steps. Even if you are not aiming to go back into paid employment, there are some great nuggets for you to explore HERE.



Camera fun – Smart Photography5 great blogs and a challenge

I know lots of you love to take photos and have blogs created around them. Here is a photographic blog with a difference! Husband and wife Robin and Anna Smart have one aim in the life of Smart Photography and that is to make you feel good with you. Many of us hate seeing ourselves in a photograph and the Smarts know this. Their approach is to make you relax and feel comfortable. 

Take a look at their blog and see some of the amazing photos they have taken. I’m sure it will give some of you some great ideas! 


5 great blogs and a challenge


For the children – The Cossins Music School

Melanie Cossins is taking part in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge like me and is sharing some wonderful ideas for using songs with children. Her project ‘ 30 Summer Holiday Songs for Children’ is a delight!

Not only do you get to listen to the song to sing along to, she provides lots of activities linked with it. As Melanie says:

It’s the summer holidays and you are in need of something to do with your children. Here are 30 children’s songs to help you get through the long holidays. Perhaps you could use them to motivate your children into doing something or getting to places!



A good read – Who is Funny Leg?5 great blogs and a challenge

From reading her ‘About Me’ page, you just know you are going to get a great read with Julie Corbett’s ‘Who is Funny Leg’ blog.  She has had her problems but she is coming through it and her writing is helping find some balance. Julie is a very honest writer sharing conditions and situations many of us can associate with.



The challenge

All these bloggers have been taking part in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge. The aim is to build your blogging muscles and get yourself into a routine of writing regularly. For those of you interested in building a business which includes blogging, you can pick up some great tips from Sarah and Kevin Arrow of Sarkemedia who host the challenge. 

My challenge to you is to have a go. You can start at anytime and it’s completely free. If you are a bloogger you will get support and a real increase in comments and visitors. Oh, and you get certificates as you progress!


5 great blogs and a challenge


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