The Gallery this week is to document our day on the very special date of 11.11.11.

Well, we spent the day planning. As you will know if you follow this blog regularly I’m being taken to Paris for my birthday next year. We booked everything up – hotel, Eurostar, even a parking place at EbbsFleet. Can’t wait!

We also planned where we were going the next day. Again, visitors will know that hubby supports  Gillingham Football club. We don;t go to every match but do get to see a few over the season. On Saturday we were off to Bournemouth to watch them play in the first round of the FA Cup. (Apologies to those of you who know nothing about football!) The cup & especially the first round is always exciting for fans because even little minnow clubs get the chance to enter.

Football was heavily in the news on 11.11.11. England were due to play Spain the next day and wanted to wear poppies on their shirts. FIFA, the world governing body for football, had decreed that such an emblem could not be worn. They cited the requests they would get from across the world for other such emblems as being the reason not to allow the wearing of poppies.

However, after a letter from David Cameron and another from Prince William (a very keen Aston villa supporter) FIFA allowed the little red emblem that stands for so much to be worn on the black arm bands that the England team would be wearing.

As part of  Remembrance Week-End a minute silence was held at all football grounds before the match. I have had the privilege of experiencing this silence at a football match on many occasions and it always sends chills down my spine. The silence is truly deafening from this group of people, mostly men, who once the whistle is blown will revert to loud sometimes abusive creatures.

Gillingham Football club

Apologies for the quality of the photo but I wanted to share my 11.11.11 even though it was the next day. I like to think that many of the soldiers we remembered would have gone to a match and roared their team on.

Do pop over to Tara’s fabulous blog to see what else was going on during that very special day!

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