100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups!

100 word Challenge for Grown ups

Are you a frustrated writer?

Is there a novel inside you trying to see the light of day?

Do you dread the blank page and the thought of 1000s of words?

Would you like some constructive feedback on your creative efforts?

 Well, a little bit of help is at hand. Following the huge success of the 100 Word Challenge, a weekly challenge for children under 16 years, I am pleased to announce the

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups!

It will follow the same format of a given prompt of a few words or a picture. You then have 100 words to write a creative piece which you link to the blog. You then visit and comment on other entries. It is the visiting and constructive comments that make it special and bring real improvements to the writing.

Click HERE for your first prompt and let those creative juices flow!

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