100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#41

As we are now getting into big figures with our weeks I thought this picture was appropriate!

It is of old bones. It’s an exhibit in the National Museum of Scotland in their ‘prehistoric’ section.

As usual you have 100 words, keep it PG suitable and do go and visit the others. It is only 100 words after all! The link will be open until 14th May. Apologies for the dealy last time. It is out of my hands I’m afraid but we got there in the end!

New here and confused? Have a read of ‘What is 100WCGU?’. It may help!

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I may not be able to link them back to this page as quickly as normal but if you click the blue writing it will take you to the list & you can read them from there!

  1. In the Beginning 
  2. Bones
  3. A Future Lesson
  4. Extinction 
  5. Wrapped in a Ball
  6. Gastrocorpus
  7. Through the Garden Gate
  8. Anglers Rest
  9. A Microscopic Giant
  10. Putting the bones to rest
  11. Helping Hands
  12. Networking
  13. The Globe of Bones
  14. Spooky Ruby 
  15. Dark Secret
  16. The Orb of Bones
  17. Mysterious Disappearances
  18. What Will Come?
  19. The Undead
  20. The Story Bones
  21. Tea for One
  22. A Rainbow of Wings
  23. As Dry As A ….
  24. Old Bones …jus musing on life
  25. Chocolate Utopia
  26. Lost Treasure
  27. Pet
  28. Mish-Mosh Marrow
  29. One Last Leap
  30. War
  31. They Know
  32. The Hunt
  33. Eye of the Beholder
  34. Watch Your Step
  35. Our Little Dirty Secret
  36. Roll Them Bones
  37. Old Bones
  38. Bone Elixir 

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