100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#11

Well I suppose as we reach Week #11 of this creative exchange, it was only to be expected that there would be a few grumbles and feelings of annoyance. So it was last week, when I posted a very pretty prompt that sparked some great debate and lots of entries. In case you missed it my reply is here ‘The Response’!

As a goody, goody, keen to please considerate person I have taken the comments on board and returned to a word prompt. For anyone new here you have the prompt and an additional 100 words to create a piece of writing to share. Link it below and hopefully you will get lots of comments that admire your work and also point out possible improvements. The idea is to help stir those creative juices to get you thinking and writing. Entries should be no more than PG classification please.

The prompt this week is: …out of the mouths of babes….

The link will be ready from 12.01am on Monday 19th September and will close at 11.59pm on Monday 26th September. Do share the challenge with your friends. The more we have to read, the more ideas we’ll get!

Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list. I will transfer them to this page later!

  1. Out of the Mouths of Babes
  2.  May I See Your Resume?
  3. That’s My Girl!
  4. RockAngel
  5. Two Surpises!
  6. Pretty
  7. Out of the mouths of babes
  8. The Job
  9. Young Blood
  10. So Innocent & Playful
  11. All in a Days Work
  12. The Bundle
  13. Have you ever seen us?
  14. Hypocrite 
  15. The Turgid School for the Gifted
  16. The Special Visitor
  17. Susan K Mann
  18. Hope & a Gold Tooth
  19. Out of the mouths
  20. Out of the mouths
  21. Birds & Bees
  22. The Constructive Force of Nature
  23. Fragments from Fireflyphil

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