100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #26

Who would have thought a group of girls in Santa hats would have produced so many different interpretations! My week has been manic with the launch of the 100 Word Challenge blog (that’s for the children) so I am way behind in my commenting but I will get there!Here’s the link for you to make sure you’ve read them all too – Week #25

This week is a little more ‘back to normal’. We’re going for individual words that have to be included. That means you have 105 words only. Please highlight / bold the words if you can as it makes it easier for your readers to see where you have used them and that will be useful for next week!

If you are new here, please read through this INFORMATION.

Your words are : Aghast  Aquamarine  Aeroplane  Acted  After   

The link will be open until midnight on 16th January

Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list. It will take you to another page but if you tweet / leave a comment below, I will move it to this main page as soon as possible. Good luck!

  1. Acceptance Speech
  2. Blockbuster
  3. It Falls – HimUpNorth
  4. Aquamarine 
  5. Survivor 
  6. Agatha
  7. Fragments from Fireflyphil
  8. Cocktails
  9. Weight a Minute
  10. Dangerous Creature
  11. Translation Issues
  12. Departure Gate
  13. The Celebrity
  14. Life in Hollywood: Advertising
  15. High Mile Meltdown
  16. The Aftermath …
  17. Swim or Die
  18. The Perpetrator 
  19. Mrs TeePot
  20. Scribbles of Girltarsthan
  21. How I Met my Husband
  22. The Glider
  23. Writing from the Edge
  24. Monster from the Deep
  25. Autumn’s Auction Shocker
  26. Be careful what you wish for
  27. The Letter
  28. Blue Engagement
  29. The Drowning

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