100 word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #18


Before you go any further go and finish reading the entrie from last week. We had some new writers who snuck in towards the end so we need them to know we support each other! WEEK#17

I’m not going to apologise for last week. Despite all the grumbles and tweets exclaiming no brain cells, all the entries were amazing. I’m so proud of you all. Be proud of yourselves and each other!!

I promised some of you in my comments that this week would be easier, and it is. We return to 100 words and a straight prompt which is:

..lest we forget…

For those of tyou who are wondering what this post is all about let me explain – you are given a prompt and have 100 words plus the prompt to write a creative piece to share. You link the URL of the post (not your blog) to the link below and have the opportunity to visit other writers to constructively comment on their writing. For fuller details have a look HERE.

Do try to leave yourselves a reminder to pop into the site regularly so that you read everyone’s. If you tweet me when you post, that really helps tell me to link the posts back here!

As you have had a tough couple of weeks I’ll even let you post a picture with your writing!

Click here to enter your link. It will take you to another page but I will link your post back here.

  1. Miscalculation
  2. Laurie’s Link
  3. Wounded World
  4. Ernie & my Dad
  5. Midlife Single Mum
  6. William & Joseph
  7. Out on the Wire
  8. Lest We Forget
  9. Why Do We Forget?
  10. The Battle Against Forgetting
  11. In Subjunctive Mood for 11.11.11
  12. Poppies
  13. Reflect and Remember
  14. Two Attempts
  15. Mrs W Remembers
  16. Actual Pen & Actual Paper
  17. When We Write
  18. I Remember
  19. Fragments from Fireflyphil
  20. Lest We Forget
  21. Sticks & Stones
  22. The Womern Before Me
  23. Anglers Rest
  24. Writing From the Edge
  25. Operation Dynamo
  26. Lest We forget Poem
  27. Let’s Not Forget
  28. Remembering 
  29. The Anne Frank House
  30. Lest We Forget

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