100 word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #15

100 words for Grown ups Week#15

I’m never going to question your abilities again! You guys are just the best! I was amazed that we had so many entries for last week’s prompt about the Alphabet. I need to be stricter. Before you get this week’s challenge, do make sure you visit last week’s as there were some late arrivals that should not be missed! WEEK#14

So, back to this week. As we know it is supposed to be autumn so we are going to try to rustle (see what I did there?!) up some seasonal writing. I’ve decided after last week that you need to be stretched.

The prompt is:  …the autumn leaves..

The stretch is that you only have 50 words plus the three above! I will allow you to add a picture if you want to. Usual rules apply – keep it suitable for PG certificate and visit the others when you can!

If you have accidently found your way here and have no idea WHAT is going on, let me explain. This is a weekly challenge for grown ups. You are given a prompt and have (usually 100 ) words to share something creative for others to read and comment on. You post it using the linky below. That will stay open until midnight on 24th Oct. Please post the URL to the post NOT your blog! 

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  1. Our contribution to a Greener Future
  2. Gathering
  3. Autumn in Sussex
  4. Midlife Single Mum
  5. Grandad
  6. Quatro Staggioni
  7. An Autumn Etheree
  8. Wild Pomegranate
  9. Filters
  10. The Stirring 
  11. Autumn is the Doormat of winter
  12. Seasons 
  13. The Autumn Poem
  14. Letting go
  15. Dig?
  16. October 18th 1999
  17. Laurie @Battling my inner critic
  18. The Autumn Leaves 
  19. The Endless Cycle
  20. Through My Eyes
  21. Riddle Me This…
  22. Bubbleboo
  23. Reborn
  24. Scribbles Of Girltaristan
  25. Leaving Autumn
  26. Fragments from Fireflyphil
  27. Hurtling Towards 60
  28. Isotopes

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