Over at Mama Kat’s one of the prompts for the writing workshop caught my eye. It was ‘Choose a word that encompasses 2010 and describe why. What word will you choose as your theme for 2011?’ Immediately, the word for 2010 was ‘Anticipation’! My DS announced his engagement at Christmas in 2009 with the wedding date set a year later […]

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It’s summer Jim…just as we know it!

This post is for the writing workshop over at ‘Mama’s Losing It’  Prompt 5 is ‘What five images paint a perfect picture of summer to you? Put those five images together in a piece of writing.’ Now this is NOT the post I was going to write. I WAS going to write about the quintessential English summer day. I WAS […]

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The Eyes have it!

This is my first foray into the Writing Workshop organised by Kat at Mama Losing It!. I have chosen prompt  ‘The most unbelievable blue eyes you’ve ever seen…’ When you’ve read mine, pop over & read the others! ‘Here’s looking at you kid’……This saying hasn’t really got anything to do with the content of this post as it doesn’t concern […]

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