Sidmouth & the Royal York

Royal York & Faulkner

The Royal York mentioned in the title is the Royal York and Faulkner Hotel that you can find on the sea front at Sidmouth. This Devonshire seaside resort is a favourite with us as it takes us back to a time of sunshine and simplicity. The setting   Whether you look left or right from the hotel you see the […]

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Holiday Souvenirs

Evil Eye

Do you always come back with holiday souvenirs or are they are thing of the past? I remember as a little girl being very excited about buying trinkets for friends with the name of the place blazoned on it somewhere. Now I’m a bit older (!) I’m not sure what to give the family so often resort to local wine if we […]

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Seaterra Marina – a review

“From a distance, it looks like a prison,” said the owner of a home at Seaterra Marina. I disagreed although could vaguely see it as a posh Butlins holiday camp without the red coats. We were discussing the 162 apartment complex in Northern Cyprus situated about 3 miles form the village of Tatlisu.   Seaterra Marina is nestled on the […]

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10 seaside activities to do when it rains

Seaside activities in the rain

Having just visited Weymouth I am now aware of all choices children have to occupy them at the beach. I must say, you would need quite a few pennies to satisfy all the requests to go on the rides that now litter the sand. That is all well and good but what seaside activities can you do in the rain? Here are […]

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Devon & Dorset road trip

How to pack more in In his post yesterday Mike Gardner talked about Time Management and how you can seemingly find some more of that precious commodity. Our day yesterday was a road trip that went from Bristol to Devon then back to Dorset ending up in Weymouth. Reflecting on our day, I was really surprised that we had packed so […]

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