Leather iphone cover by Velconn

Leather iphone cover

Another gift has arrived – this time in the shape of a leather iphone cover. Previously Now I don’t usually bother with such fancies. In the past, I have used a protector sheet on the front which stops the screen from getting scratched. I have to own up to giving the job of putting it on to hubby as I’m too impatient for […]

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Compact beauty

Jane Vanroe

Holding something beautiful that has been hand crafted can be such a wonderful experience. When that beauty is also practical and for you – it is heaven!    Let me introduce you to Jane Vanroe, a designer from Yorkshire who, not being able to find what she wanted when looking for a gift for a friend, made her own! I received […]

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I’m in the pink with Snugg!

Just like red buses, you wait and wait for one to come along and then blow me down – two come along together! This is what has happened with PR firms asking me to review their products. Now this little beauty is not a stranger to me. The wonderful folk over at Snugg sent me a couple of cases for […]

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Like toast!

I don’t often get approached to promote items on this blog but when I do I’m really quite excited. To be honest I’m not sure PR firms know what to send me as I don’t really fit into a particular niche. I have been asked to give these thermal leggings a try and I have to say they are AMAZING! […]

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Red Letter Day!

Today is a red letter day in our house!I do think a huge mistake has been made though as I get the first of my state pension payments! Can you believe it? Me, who is surely only 35 is now regarded as a state pensioner! The arrival of such a day does get you thinking. We live in a house and […]

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