‘Generation Cherry’ – the how to book for baby boomers

Generation Cherry is a book with a difference. For a start, it is aimed specifically at Baby Boomers, those born with an apparent cherry on everything: A free education, plenty of decent jobs to chose from, jobs with sick and holiday pay as standard – possibly with a final salary pension built in to boot? You afford to buy a house, […]

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How to seduce your wife by Andy Gibney

How to seduce your wife

Don’t worry – this is not one of THOSE books!  For twelve years Andy Gibney was a therapist. His first clients wanted help with phobias, stopping smoking and losing weight, but gradually more and more people came to see him with depression and anxiety. Andy realised that the cause of many of their problems could be traced back to the […]

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A Brush with Death by Malcolm Parnell

A brush with death

As you will know if you are a regular here, I like reading. I don’t do enough  reading for pleasure but when I do I I love a mystery. Remember my review of the Santa Klaus Mystery? Well, I’ve been invited to share two books and the first is ‘A Brush with Death’ by Malcolm Parnell.    The story Harry is […]

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How to get delivered fresh flowers

Appleyard Flowers

Appleyard Flowers literally delivers THROUGH your door!  There is nothing more upsetting than coming home to find a note from a delivery man explaining that you had some flowers sent but as you were out they have had to go back to the shop!   Flowers through the door When I was invited to choose a bouquet from Appleyard Flowers […]

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Are you up to this reading challenge?

  As the new year has only just started, I thought you might be up to this reading challenge. As you can see you are asked to read a variety of books for a variety of reasons. I’m not good at going for variety at all. I love murder mysteries and forensic adventures but they have to be fairly gentle. My […]

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