It’s sport Jim but not as we know it!

As usual, I shared the title of this week’s Gallery with my darling OH.It is ‘Men’. I wasn’t  sure I could do anything but he suggested this picture. It  certainly meets the criteria but Beckham, Ronaldo, Drogba or Lampard they are not! I’ve never liked this picture. For me it could have a subtitle of –the Good, the Bad, the Ugly & […]

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I’m Cross!

Buzz! “Good morning. It is 7 o’clock on the 7th May. The headlines this morning. The conservative party have won the most seats but do not have enough for an outright majority” I didn’t expect to be writing a post about the election but somehow I just had to write down my feelings & what are they? I suppose I’m […]

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Easter is……

What is Easter to you? Time for family? Time for faith? Time to reflect? As a child I found Easter uncomfortable. Not really sure where it emanated from. I haven’t got a good memory for things like that. Good Friday always felt dark & sombre. It felt like the world had stopped. I do remember one Good Friday afternoon when it […]

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