How to celebrate 65 years!

Posting grandma's card

A birthday is a special occasion because it marks your arrival into the world and your continued place in it. It is the way you can pause and assess how you are doing. Although there are millions of people celebrating the same day, it is very special so I’m sharing how to celebrate 65 years in a series of posts. […]

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Anxious – need a jigsaw

Anxious - need a jig saw

Today is a jigsaw day. Not because it is pouring with rain and the sky is dark although Noah would be welcome at the moment. No, it’s a jigsaw day because I’m feeling anxious. No, I can’t tell you why I’m anxious or what I’m anxious about. I’m just anxious. This means I need to force myself to focus. I […]

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This week has seen the passing of a 93 year old lady who played a key part in my life over 30 years ago. I was married to her only son and although I have been married 3 times, she was the only mother-in-law I have had.She always had a soft spot for me I think because I gave her the precious gift of […]

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