Gorillas in our Midst!

Bristol has been overrun by gorillas! Bristol Zoo Gardens has ‘released’ 60 full sized and numerous smaller sculptures of this magnificent beast to celebrate its 175th anniversary. Wow! Gorillas is what is known as a mass public art event. The sculptures are all around Bristol (with others as far as Birmingham) and the thinking behind the event is that people […]

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Canary Wharf and Parkinsons – the last slice!

Remember when I told you about my ‘Week-End Sandwich’? I went to London for the week-end. On the Friday we went to the Imperial War Museum to see an excellent exhibiton ‘Once Upon A Wartime’. On Saturday I went to Cybermummy. Well, I have still to tell you about the Sunday. It was the last slice of bread but what […]

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Ladybirds and Corfe Castle

Alphbe-Thursday has galloped along with the year and has reached the letter ‘L’. I have chosen something silly from my garden so that I can share something magnificent with you! My letter ‘L’ is for Lady birds (or for my American friends Lady Bugs) Here they are. They watch over our raised beds to make sure no real life insects […]

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