Shattering experience – #PointShoot

double glazing shatters

This is my first foray into #PointShoot and I’m sharing my terrifying experience when our double glazing shatters!   There was a sound but not a very loud one.  Like a shot being fired. Suddenly we could hear tiny little noises like someone walking across ice that is not sure it is strong enough to carry the weight.    We […]

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Triple Beauty

Once daffodils appear in the shops I always make sure I have a bunch in the house. They are my favourite flower because of their brightness, scent and the fact that when they die they don’t make a mess everywhere! I don’t take much notice of the type of flower – whether they are actually of the narcissus or white […]

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Laycock Part 2!

In part one ( Snowdrops & HP) I told you about the Fox Talbot museum and some strange contraptions in the grounds. Well this is what one looked liked when I looked down it. Nature provided some sights as well as the visiting sculptures. These roots for instance and Christmas roses despite it being January. All in all I had […]

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Little People

I love Little People! Now, I need to explain that I am not talking about babies or children (although I’m happy in their company most of the time!) I’m referring to the miniature figures that are used by creative photographers. Just look at this ‘How Grapes are Made’! Isn’t it FABULOUS?? I was introduced to these wonderful items by my […]

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