10 items in packed lunches that can improve your child’s focus in school

Nutritionally unbalanced packed lunches can disrupt children’s learning and development. What we consume affects our physical and mental health, both of which have an impact on our learning.  Making certain food swaps in your child’s packed lunch can prevent brain fog, boost their energy, and help them think more clearly in class. Nutritionists at Bulk.com have shared what foods you should […]

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5 High-Tech activities to stop kids getting bored

Jenny Wise has selected ‘5 High-Tech activities’ that really should stop children getting bored especially when the sun has disappeared.     Parents are hearing more and more about “screen time” and the drawbacks of kids spending too much time watching TV or using mobile devices. But during those rainy days when kids can’t go out to play, it can […]

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Survey of parents about their children's internet usage

This is a guest post from Stephen Bennett who has produced this interesting infographic supporting parents who want to have more of a handle of children’s internet usage. A new study of 3000 parents of children aged between 12 and 15 years old by Stop Procrastinating, the productivity website, has discovered that a majority of parents have found that their […]

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